I have this little pet project that I’ve been thinking about for years. I finally started working on it a few months ago, first in plain Javascript, then in Typescript. Once the basics were in place, it seemed pretty unlikely that a web browser was going to be able to handle everything I wanted to do.

And so I decided that it was finally time to learn Rust. I read the old book late last year and I loved the ideas behind the whole language but I got bored working through the learning resources I found online. After reading about Increasing Rust’s Reach, I got motivated to try again. This time, I had the ridiculously awesome new book and a project to work on. Given the Rust team’s efforts to make the language easier to learn, I wanted to document the learning process from the beginning. It’s two weeks past the beginning now so I’ll have to catch up a bit.

Now I’m going to add some Jekyll features to this post so that I don’t have to look them up in the future.

Here’s something I did that feels silly and maybe wrong.

pub enum Property {

pub struct Creature {
    pub properties: HashMap<String, Property>,

I want my creatures to have arbitrary properties that can be modified over time. I also want to implement creatures as a struct and not a trait so that I don’t have to deal with trait objects. This was the most obvious solution. I haven’t actually used it in practice yet so maybe it won’t work out, but I still love that this is a thing that I can do, even if it’s wrong.