I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to get layers working. Instead of a single organism occupying a cell it would occupy a layer within the cell. The the color of the cell would be that of the topmost cell and each organism would be able to decide whether or not it interacted with other cells.

This would have allowed things like cows walking over grass without eating it. More importantly, it would have allowed me to have a ground layer simulation that happened separately from the creature layer. Once evolution was in place, that could make the results a lot more dynamic.

Anyway, none of that worked. Every little change I made propogated errors all over the place. I basically rewrote the whole thing over and over one error at a time. And it never compiled. Not once.

The whole thing was built on shaky ground. That’s not much a surprise since this is the first thing I’ve ever done in Rust. Why would it be right the first time?

So I deleted everything and I’m going to do it again. Parts will be smaller and more independent, and hopefully everything will be designed a little better now that I know what Rust wants from me.

Honestly, there wasn’t that much code anyway.