Chapter 6: Next Steps

If you're reading this, hopefully you just got done posting a bunch of inappropriate messages to your company's Slack hidden inside innocent cat pictures. I know that's the first thing I did.

So what's next? Here are a few suggestions.

If you want to keep working on this program

  1. Split your code up into a library and binary
  2. Add support for URL inputs and downloading images from the internet
  3. Add support for other file types
  4. Add an option to encrypt or obfuscate your hidden messages
  5. Figure out a way to automatically detect potential messages hidden in a PNG file

If you like playing with bytes

  1. Implement a CHIP-8 Interpreter
    • This is the best next project IMO. If you're self-taught like me, you probably have a lot of little computer science knowledge gaps that you don't know about. You're basically making a CPU simulator here. You'll get exposure to a lot of things that most people don't normally encounter during their normal programming adventures.
  2. cryptopals
    • Sort of like Project Euler for cryptography. No prerequisite knowledge required.

If you like implementing a spec

  1. Implement a CHIP-8 Interpreter
    • For real, go do this.
  2. Advent of Code 2019 has a really fun sequence of challenges that have you build your own little code interpreter.
    • This is more of a guided experience than diving into CHIP-8 if that's your thing
  3. Implement PNG image decoding
    • Good luck

If you like this style of learning

  1. Programming Projects for Advanced Beginners